A documentary essay by Marek Matvija and Epos 257 that explores the inner periphery of the city of Prague. The film aims to portray hidden dynamics of the periphery and its rhizomatic structure. A fluid image of one of the most dynamic urban and social spaces, the excluded space, surfaces:
The emergence and perishing of places and improvised homes. Nature, architecture and relicts of human activity intertwine wildly. Possible solutions to problems of contemporary society are spontaneously created (as well as extinguished) due to limited control from the authorities.

Koncert v čajovně Jedna báseň v Praze.

Experimentální improvizovaná hudba pro flétnu shakuhachi a japonská duchovní hudba shakuhachi koten honkyoku.

Ichiro Seki in Prague

1.3.’14 20.00

Concert of Japanese and contemporary music by Japanese composer and shakuhachi virtuoso Ichiro Seki. Featured players are Vlastislav Matoušek, Marek Matvija, Seizan Osako, Ondřej Komárek and choir conducted by Marek Valášek.

More information at ichiro.komuso.cz

On Repeat


Oslí Můstek Collective

exhibiting: Tereza Adámková, Dalibor Knapp, Marek Matvija, Franz Milec, Sylvia Nicolaides, Lea Petříková, Sara Pinheiro

workshop of Radim Labuda at CAS FAMU

curator: Radim Labuda