A documentary essay by Marek Matvija and Epos 257 that explores the inner periphery of the city of Prague. The film aims to portray hidden dynamics of the periphery and its rhizomatic structure. A fluid image of one of the most dynamic urban and social spaces, the excluded space, surfaces:
The emergence and perishing of places and improvised homes. Nature, architecture and relicts of human activity intertwine wildly. Possible solutions to problems of contemporary society are spontaneously created (as well as extinguished) due to limited control from the authorities.

Story of a shape is a gallery installation which confronts two gazes: the gaze of the gallery visitor and the gaze of a videocamera mediated via a TV screen.

Althea Thauberger’s Marat Sade Bohnice is a video installation that centres on the staging of Peter Weiss’ 1963 play Marat/Sade at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague. Her work documents the reconfiguration and presentation of the play in this location to audiences of the institution’s patients and staff, and in doing so approaches layered issues of reassessment and (de)institutionalization within shifting political terrains.

Awareness is a video-remix which highlights contrast between division of attention in the internet environment and the Eastern spiritual message.

Monumental set-up of three screens standing at an angle constructs a panorama of one place in three different times. People passing by disappear when crossing the boundary from one ecran to another, or their bodies and velocities are transformed into other passers-by that emerge at the other side of a screen. This metamorphosis is a strange magical phenomenon.

The nearly invisible encounter of two people takes place on a blurred screen, but with audible sounds: A fog that you couldn’t cut even with a knife. Two people meet. Each can see only what he can touch or hear. Better to record it all, in case somebody doesn’t remember. In the end, none of its was important; we don’t see anything but we were there… maybe.

An annual march by neo-Nazis took place in Brno on 1 May last year. In response, an informal group named BRNO Blokuje (Brno Blocks) was formed, uniting people with the common aim of preventing the march in a non-violent manner.