An annual march by neo-Nazis took place in Brno on 1 May last year. In response, an informal group named BRNO Blokuje (Brno Blocks) was formed, uniting people with the common aim of preventing the march in a non-violent manner.
Documentary filmmaker Vít Klusák and six of his students from Prague’s FAMU film school shot various aspects of events that day. Klusák focused on a TV reporter for whom “no conflict means no report”. Jan Strejcovský filmed the neo-Nazis while Kristýna Bartošová followed the Brno Blocks group. Robin Kvapil’s contribution highlights an extremely xenophobic letter received by the head of the city’s Museum of Romani Culture. Lukáš Senft turned his camera on the police; Natálie Císařovská shot May Day political rallies held by other parties; and Andran Abramjan filmed animals at the city’s zoo.

Vertebrates – final chapter
director: Andran Ambramjan
DOP:Marek Matvija
editing: Marek Matvija, Andran Ambramjan

FILM JAKO BRNO – ofic. trailer from Hypermarket Film Ltd. on Vimeo.