A documentary essay by Marek Matvija and Epos 257 that explores the inner periphery of the city of Prague. The film aims to portray hidden dynamics of the periphery and its rhizomatic structure. A fluid image of one of the most dynamic urban and social spaces, the excluded space, surfaces:
The emergence and perishing of places and improvised homes. Nature, architecture and relicts of human activity intertwine wildly. Possible solutions to problems of contemporary society are spontaneously created (as well as extinguished) due to limited control from the authorities.

Over the past five years, film-maker Marek Matvija and streetartist Epos 257 have been filming and collecting material, interviewing experts and people living on the street. The starting point of their collaboration evolved around one of Epos 257’s long-term projects the Sanctuary, a part of a gallery installation which he decided to adjust to an inhabitable shelter. They observed its development once it was placed into the urban periphery. For over six years now, it has been inhabited by a couple of (former) homeless people who are slowly finding their way back into mainstream society. As their observations continued the authors became more intrigued and involved in the problematics of the inner urban periphery and the excluded space. They now present their findings in the form of a documentary essay.

Místa mezi místy / Spaces in-between Places from Marek Matvija on Vimeo.